Our Success Partners & Membership Organizations

Thanks to the logistics team work of Octet Fruits LLC and our Suppliers Companies 

* Containers Shipping Lines Companies (Ocean Freight) 

* Air Cargo & Couriers Companies (Air Freight) 

* Transportation Companies (In-Land Freight) 

* Freight Forwarders Companies  

* Customs Clearance Companies 

* Packing Stations Companies 

* Packing Materials Companies 

For their cooperation on time, promise us to deliver the fresh fruits to our end customer on real time. 


The excellent work relationships we have with all the shipping lines companies allows us to offer a wide range of shipping solutions for each client, while monitoring each container every step of the way. 

We deliver our fresh agricultural crops with all the Shipping Lines Companies like

We deliver our fresh agricultural crops with all Air Cargo & Couriers Companies like:

There are another type of our Success Partners …!!!

Like The Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Egypt and Egyptian Councils.

Thanks a lot in advance for their Co-operations on time with our company, for open new markets and acquisition new clients in their countries.

We are proud to be a members of this organizations or Chambers of Commerce in Egypt